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May 23rd 19:30 - 20:30 (UK time)

20:30 - 21:30 (Madrid time)

These are conversations are completely FREE to attend. Simply register your interest HERE and you will automatically be sent a Zoom link.

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15- 20 mins a day

A process that by changing very little... will change everything!!!

We will show you how Fullness® can help you use your daily training to:
  • overcome everyday obstacles
  • increase your learning capacity
  • boost your motivation and joy
  • improve your confidence and presence in difficult moments
  • increase your resilience against traumatic situations
  • learn to self-regulate so as not to take work problems home and vice versa.
  • and much more.

At the end of this training, you will be able to:

Neuroplasticity and Peak Performance

Discover how neuroplasticity, your brain's ability to reorganize and form new neural connections, can enhance your athletic performance. Learn to use neuronal training techniques that allow you to adapt faster, learn new skills, and improve your response and coordination. 

Stress management and recovery

Understand how your body's stress response can affect your sports abilities and how to manage it to your advantage. Explore recovery and relaxation methods that can speed up your post-exercise recovery and enhance your physical and mental resilience.

Motivation and concentration

Decode the keys to intrinsic motivation and self-efficacy to maintain your consistency regardless of circumstances. Acquire focus and concentration techniques that allow you to stay aligned with your goals and optimize your performance at every moment.
Jorge Crecis, Ph.D

  • Sport Sciences degree
  • Spanish national gymnastic teams Coach 
  • Ph.D in applied neurophysiology
  • Co-author of the book: Designing Presence
  • Choreographer

Jorge’s work is renowned for merging the athleticism and excitement of sports with the compelling visuals of an art installation.
He is passionate about showing off the dancers as resiliently virtuosic individuals that together form a strong and compact team.

Jorge holds a degree in Sport Sciences, a Ph.D by Goldsmiths University and a Masters in Elite Athletes Coaching. He studied contemporary dance at the Royal Conservatory of Madrid and, after working as a professional dancer for different companies throughout Europe, he became a full-time lecturer at London Contemporary Dance School (The Place) for four years. Currently, Jorge is an award-winning choreographer whose work has been performed in the main theatres around the world: from the prestigious New York City Centre (USA) to the avant-garde 798 District in Beijing (China) or Sadlers Wells and the Royal Opera House in London (UK).
Over the last years, he has been commissioned by companies such as Scottish Dance Theatre (UK), Beijing 9 Contemporary Dance Theatre (China), and Acosta Danza (Cuba), among others. His work has been described as: “irrepressible good fun” (The Guardian), “perfect” (The Independent) or “a Sudoku brought to life” (Londondance.com).
His latest creation for the company directed by Carlos Acosta has been awarded as the best dance piece presented in Cuba in 2017.

In 2014 Jorge co-founded min tala, a Pan-Arab dance company that uses contemporary dance as a peacekeeping, personal and professional development tool in areas of conflict in the Middle East. 
He also served as Artistic Director for Aerowaves Festival in Burgos in 2011.
For the last 20 years, and based in Sport Sciences, Neurophysiology, Anthropology and Phenomenology, he has been working to crack the secret of how to train peak performance presence. 
Based upon his synthesis of sport and dance movement patterns, Jorge created Towards Vivencia, a cutting-edge methodology that replicates non-ordinary states of consciousness through accessible but effective body routines.

Training now available for all audiences through: Fullness.

He often leads workshops and coaches companies such as Akram Khan, DV8, Punchdrunk and Rambert as well as professional athletes, music and film personalities.Due to his outstanding work in dance research, he has been appointed as a Visiting Fellow at the University of Derby.
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